Seeking Sources

Welcome to our “seeking sources” hub! We want to provide access to broad, inclusive stories of Jewish Buffalo, and we need your help. We appreciate all levels of participation from a single item to multiple collections.

A large reservoir of agency, organizational and synagogue source materials are located at the University Archives, the University at Buffalo as well as other local archival repositories.

Although these are rich sources of Jewish history in Greater Buffalo, they provide only a partial story. Most Buffalo Jewish historical sources are held within families and their descendants. We have an active program of upcoming exhibitions as well as ongoing needs to expand existing organizations and neighborhoods. We welcome your help in building these sections and telling these stories.

“William Street Worlds,” 2022 online exhibition

An upcoming exhibition about William Street Worlds combines neighborhood, family, associational and work lives. We seek synagogue related materials to add to our existing curation, as well as images and documents about the Workman’s Circle and Landsmannschaftn (immigrant benevolent and social organizations). We are very interested in the cultural life of the East Side, and look for materials that document theater and music. We welcome recordings, photographs, music scores, programs and more.

As “William Street Worlds” explores the breadth of East Side living, our main emphasis is to tell family stories as well as highlighting all manner of commercial activity across the East Side. We seek images from homes, the neighborhood, the streets and the inside spaces were Jewish living happened.

The names of businesses that operated on William Street are listed below, and they often link to family names too. Over time some of these businesses had different forms of the name we list below. This is not a conclusive William Street business listing, nor a full listing of the commercial activity of the East Side.

Many shops and business also existed along Broadway, Sycamore and Jefferson and along other streets. There were also a range of other types of business on the East Side, including scrap and recycling that are part of the East Side story too. If you have information about these businesses, we would like to hear from you too, so we can include them. You can upload images here or contact Dr. Chana Kotzin here.

5/10 cent store


  • Albert Silverberg Auto Supplies
  • Nathan Shulimson Auto Junk
  • Taubman’s Auto Accessories
  • Benjamin Glaser Tires


  • Aron Sidel Baker
  • David Gutman Baker
  • Harry Ruddank Baker
  • Isadore Guttman Bakery
  • Joseph Cohen Baker
  • Joseph Stein Baker
  • Philip Freedman Bakery
  • Rosenblatt Bakery


  • Harry Trachtenberg Barber
  • Modern Barber Shop
  • Louis Isenberg Barber
  • Samuel Chodorow Barber

Bicycle Shop



  • Bernard Frey Meats
  • George Michael Meats
  • Jacob Ravinitsky Meats
  • Ravnitzky and Brown Meats
  • Rudolph Frey Meats
  • Sam Sultanik Meats

Cigar Shops

  • Henry Engelhardt Cigars
  • Herb Brown Cigars
  • Isaac Samuel Cigars
  • Benjamin Bloom Cigars
  • John Carter Cigars
  • Lou Schreiber Cigars
  • Morris Graetz Cigars
  • Reuben London Cigars
  • Samuel Spiegel Cigars
  • Sol Komm Cigars


  • Franklin Cleaners
  • Sarah Goldstein Clothes Cleaners

Clothing Companies

  • Adam Taylor Clothing
  • Irving Baker Mens Clothing
  • Jacob Harris Clothing
  • Jennie Myers Clothing
  • Joseph Fuhr Mens Clothing
  • Phil Goldstein Clothing
  • Shirley’s Apparel Shop


  • Tillie Herman Confectionery
  • Harry Hoffman Confectionary
  • Henry Scott Confectionery
  • Isaac Besser Confectionary
  • Israel Feldman Confectionary
  • Jacob Shumsky Confectionary
  • John Michael Confectionery
  • Louis Sader Confectionery
  • Max Weber Confectionary
  • Nathan Kaplan Confectionery
  • Sam Epstein Confectionery


  • Ruben Lubick Dairy
  • Isidore Ullman Dairy


  • Chasen’s Deli
  • Harry Fagin’s Deli
  • Yatrowshy Israel’s Deli
  • Jacob Steinhart’s Deli


  • Elisha Gilbert
  • Daniel Kaiser
  • David Rosenblatt
  • William Swados
  • Marvin Cohen


  • Sam Goldberg
  • Martin Fried-land
  • Mark Grinstein
  • Samuel Bleichfeld
  • David Rivo

Drug Stores

  • Gertrude Abrams Drugs
  • Marcus Wallens Drugs
  • Joseph Zackheim Drugs
  • Harvey and Carey Drugs
  • Resnick Drugstore
  • Obletz Drugs

Dry Goods

  • Herman Teibel Dry Goods
  • Bernard Steinberg Dry Goods
  • Benjamin Feigelman Dry Goods
  • Anna Safren Dry Goods
  • Nate Meyers Dry Goods
  • Yetta Kutner Dry Goods
  • Louis Goldsand Dry Goods
  • Nathan Blechman Dry Goods
  • Hyman Strauss Dry Goods
  • Aaron Rosenberg Dry Goods
  • May Lawson Dry Goods
  • William Bloom Dry Goods
  • Ruth Orenstien Dry Goods
  • Hyman Heller Dry Goods
  • Morris Tobel Dry Goods
  • Samuel Korman Dry Goods
  • Jacob Weinstein Dry Goods

Electric Service and Electronic Supplies

  • Max Freedman Radios Electronic Supplies

Fish Businesses

  • Louis Reisner Fish
  • Isaac Carrel Fish
  • Simon Swartz Fish
  • Jacob Singer Fish
  • Saltzman and Kadish Fish and Poultry


  • Falbush Lippman Furrier
  • Joseph Hesch Fur


  • Aaron Goldberg Furniture
  • Cohen Bros Furniture
  • Isadore Singerman Furniture

Grocery and Fruits

  • Benjamin Dekoff Grocery
  • Benjamin Silverstein Grocers
  • Danahy-Faxon Stores Grocers
  • David Alt Grocers
  • Eugene Drozen Grocers
  • Fierstein Brothers Grocers
  • Henry Miller Grocery
  • Hyman Levite Grocery
  • Joseph Podlubick Grocers and Fish
  • Morris Glickstein Grocer
  • Morris Summer Grocers
  • Robert Schuler Grocery
  • Samuel Sandler Grocery
  • Simon Friedland Grocers
  • Weinstein and Cheplowitz Grocers
  • Rose and Reubin Kullick Fruits


  • Louis Kaplan Hardware
  • Sam Silver Hardware



  • Marian Holender Jewelry
  • William Russell Jeweler



Mens Clothing and Accessories

  • David Rovall Mens Furnishings
  • Mens Suits and Accessories
  • Meyer Bros Mens Furnishings
  • Nelfach Mens Furnshings
  • Sol Bloom Men Furnishings
  • Weintraubs Mens Clothes


Music Teacher

Paint and Printer Businesses

  • Joseph Lieberman Printing


  • Jacob Wohlfeld Poultry
  • Louis Silverstein Poultry
  • Sam Balber Hay and Grain Polutry
  • Sol Carr Poultry


Religious Goods


  • Benjamin Klein Restaurant
  • Lewis Kosher Restaurant
  • David Shalwitz Restaurant
  • Buffalo Kosher Restaurant

Russian Baths


  • Max Lebby Saloon
  • Meyer Balsam Saloon

Sewing Machines


  • Abraham Finegold Shoes
  • Benjamin Garber Shoe Repair
  • Dixie Shoe Store
  • Harry Sallman Shoe Repair
  • Jacob Meyer Shoes
  • John Maier Shoe Co
  • Joseph Pearl Shoes
  • Liberty Shoe Store
  • Meyer Hermon Shoes
  • Morris Katzman Shoes
  • Pearl Fuhr Shoes
  • Schlemker & Linsner Shoes

Soda Shops

  • Max Shafer Soft Drinks
  • George Wittman Soft Drinks


  • Meyer Korris Tailor
  • Morris Gordon Tailor
  • Harry Garten Tailor
  • Jacob Weber Tailor
  • Herman Berzon Tailor
  • Leo Feldman Tailor
  • Michael Reinhardt Tailor
  • Joseph Rabinowitz Tailor
  • Jacob Levitt Tailor
  • Weintraubs Storage and Tailor
  • Jacob Swerdloff Tailors Supplies


  • Jewish Labor League, People’s Theatre
  • Waxman’s Art Theatre
  • Temple Theatre

Women’s Clothing Businesses

  • Abraham Slotkin Womens Clothes
  • Fannie Dworkin Ladies Furnishings
  • Julius Alpern Womens Clothing