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Rabbi Eliyahu Yosef Rabinowitz, Linzer Rebbe from Buffalo



Pine Ridge is the site of an ohel (tomb) for Rabbi Joseph Rabinowitz (b. ca 1856; d. Buffalo, November 14, 1910).  Due to the proximity of the Ohel in relation to the Ahavas Sholem cemetery, Rabbi Rabinowitz has often been associated with Ahavas Sholem in articles about the Ohel. The Ohel, however, resides in its own distinct space at the entrance way into B’nai Israel. This cemetery has the gravestones of individuals from a range of congregations and landsmannschaftn. According to a snippet from the American Hebrew and Jewish Messenger, Rabbi Rabinowitz is listed as associated with the congregation, “Brith Sholom, Anshe, Russia.”  Rabbi Joseph Rabinowitz was from Sokolivka (Justingrad/Yustingrav), now in modern day Ukraine, once part of the Russian Empire. When he emigrated to the America, he first settled in New York City, but in 1908 made Buffalo his home. Scroll down for a quote that captures the reaction to his death, and more links to Sokolivka.


“Rabbi Joseph Rabinowitz, of the congregation Brith Sholom, Anshe, Russia, died last year at the age of fifty-four years. His death has caused a great deal of grief in the orthodox community, for the deceased rabbi was beloved by a large circle of friends, and was noted for his piety, his modesty, and his exceptional learning. He was officially connected with B’rith Sholem congregation, but was also greatly interested in the general religious and educational welfare of the Jews of his section. Although only a few years in Buffalo, he at once made his influence felt in many directions.

Rabbi Rabinowitz was born in Justingrad, province of Kiev in 1856. His father was a famous rabbi. He came to Buffalo in 1908 and at once became popular and beloved by all the Jews in the city. He passed away Monday evening November 14, at his home, number 67 Walnut Street.”

“Rabbi Joseph Rabinowitz Dead,” The American Hebrew and Jewish Messenger, Buffalo Section, November, 1911, clipping.

The Ohel of Rabbi Joseph Rabinowitz

Photograph of the Ohel

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