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Shaping our Communities: Jewish Businesses, Professions and Services

For more than 170 years, Jews have made their homes in Greater Buffalo and the surrounding smaller towns. Within these places and neighborhoods, the role of work in the home and outside it has been critical to Jewish families, Jewish organizations and community. Jewish men and women and Jewish youth have held a variety of occupations from scrap collectors, to newspaper vendors, tailors and grocers, relators and developers, and a range of medical and legal professionals. Over the decades, Jewish writers, musicians and artists, teachers and professors, as well as Jewish functionaries – rabbis, cantors, mohelim and shochtim, have all shaped communities within Greater Buffalo and beyond, Jewish and non-Jewish. The goal of Shaping Our Communities is to highlight some of these stories and to illustrate how the built environment and our social fabric have been impacted by these activities.

For the initial launch of this collecting program, please provide examples of your own or your families commercial, professional or creative endeavors, or information about a particular business, you were impacted by, but did not run or own. We are beginning with collecting information about Jewish businesses past and present. With your permission we will make available images and stories that highlight the impact of Jewish working lives in Greater Buffalo and some of the interconnections between work, family and friends.

Please use one form for each business/job.