Edith and Morris Carrel’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, Temple Emanu-el. Top row, left to right: Ruthie Carrel (Birnberg); Harold Carrel, Harry Carrel; Abe Carrel; Avram Finger; Louis Finger; Hy Carrel; Dickie Carrel Bobby Carrel; Alan Carrel (Baby). Jacob (Jack) Carrel. Bottom row, left to right: Jennie Carrel; Gert Carrel; Fannie Carrel; Edith (Berkwitt) Carrel; Morris Carrel; (standing) Ruthie Finger; Manya Carrel Finger; Lillian Carrel; Arlene Carrel (Goldstein); On floor left to tight: Donald Carrel; Jerome (Jerry) Carrel. Courtesy of Ellen Goldstein.


Archival Materials


  • Ben Berkun recollection speech.
  • Charles Shuman, Yiddish language, Ustingrader Unterstitzung Verein, Women’s Auxiliary Minute book1938s-1940s.
  • Slutsky Cousin Club Flip books 1 and 2.


  • Recoon Family Materials
  • Wagner family photographs, Selma Morris
  • Carrel Cousin Club, Slutsky Cousin Club.
  • Sol Mahr Sokolivka written Oral History.
  • Susan Freed and Joan and Jack Karet, Wagner Folding Box Company.



  • Ferne Mittelman with Hyman, Charles and Irving Shuman,  The Shuman Story: The Life and Times of Peretz Shuman and Chaika Aliotz Shuman. Based on the memoirs of Chaika Aliotz Shuman. Welcome: Buffalo, NY, 2000.
  • Ancestry Pro Genealogists, Carrel and Berkwitt Family Research, Ancestry, 2020

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