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Chabad House of Buffalo began as an outreach program to college age students at the University at Buffalo campuses and Buffalo State College in the early 1970s. It continues that mission today.


In 1971 Rabbi Noson Gurary and his wife Miriam established the Chabad House at 3292 Main Street, after running small amounts of programming from their apartment on Amherst Manor Drive. Chabad is a Chasidic movement in Orthodox Judaism. Chabad is an acronym of three words: Chochmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding), and Da’at (knowledge). Lubavitch is the name of the small town in the county of Mohilev (originally in Imperial Russia) that served as the center of the Chabad Chassidism for four generations. The origins of modern Chabad-Lubavitch organization in the United States are traced to the early 1940’s when the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880-1950), appointed his son-in-law and later successor, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn (1902-1994), to head the newly-founded educational and social service arms of the movement.

Through the sons of Rabbi Noson Gurary and Miriam Gurary, Rabbi Avrohom and Rabbi Moshe Gurary, and their spouses Chani Gurary and Rivka Gurary and the center on North Forest Road in Getzville and the Knesset Center in North Buffalo, they offer an array of services to college campus students as well as the general community. The Chabad House of Buffalo in Getzville is located near the Ellicot Creek footbridge, opposite the Wilkeson and Spaulding dorms at 2450 North Forest. It opened in 1976, and is also a short walk from the suburban Jewish Community Center. During the summer, Chabad House of Buffalo also operates a children’s day camp called Gan Israel Day Camp at the site.

Rabbi Nosom Gurary and his wife were founders of Torah Temimah Day School of Buffalo that initially ran from within their home, and then at various locations around Buffalo. This organization has since expanded into Ohr Temimim, a merger of the former Torah Temimah and Jewish Heritage Day School at Buffalo and is located at its own site on Audubon Parkway.



Chabad House on North Forest Road

Chabad House on North Forest Road

Chabad House at 3292 Main Street

Chabad House at 3292 Main Street

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These resources are located at the University at Buffalo, University Archives.

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