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Harlan C. Abbey was a newspaper sportswriter, author, newspaper editor, horse rider and racer and horse owner. Born in Cleveland, he developed an early passion for horses and worked as a riding instructor. He graduated from University of Missouri in Kansas City in 1952 and after training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, he served from 1953 to 1955 in Seoul, South Korea, rising to the rank of staff sergeant. While stationed abroad he edited the Army newspaper. After military service, he studied journalism at Northwestern University, earning a master’s degree in 1956. He then worked for two Western New York newspapers writing sports copy for the Union Sun and Journal and the Buffalo Courier-Express. Fully immersed in the world of horse riding, he authored two books, Showing Your Horse: Blue Ribbon Horsemanship, and Horses and Horse Shows, in 1970, and 1980. On the closing of the Buffalo Courier-Express, he became managing editor of the Buffalo Jewish Review, but continued reporting on horse racing. With friends he owned several off-track thoroughbred horses. He continued to ride horses up to the age 79.

Books Written By Harlan Abbey

Harlan C. Abbey, Showing Your Horse: Blue Ribbon Horsemanship, A. S. Barnes, 1970.

Harlan C. Abbey, Horses and Horse Shows, A S Barnes & Co; First Edition, 1980.

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